Managing Director

"This is not a job to me. Instead, this is something I love doing. I learned a lot throughout my career and gained many good friends. To me, these are the most precious. I am not one to forget my roots. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for all the support given to me by my customers. I will do my best to make them look good and enjoy every precious moment. Confidence is my word of trend!"



"Since joining the hairdressing industry, I learned that communication with the customer is an important skill. This is something that I constantly strive to improve on. I will do my best to fulfil the customers' needs and requests, in order to gain their trust and confidence in my ability. Seeing satisfied customers makes me feel proud of my work!"



"I like listening to the needs of my customers. I believe in giving them something that suits them better instead of just following the trend. I like to add on colour or waves to bring out their features and character. Trend to me is a style where customers can do it anytime and anywhere effortlessly."



"Since young, I wanted to become a hair stylist because this job requires skills and patience and hardwork. I keep myself updated with the latest techniques and trends in hairstyles and share them with my clients. I strive for customer satisfaction by bringing out the best in them through great hairstyles. I feel a sense of accomplishment when they walk out of the salon with smiles on their faces!"



"I love giving our customers the personal touch! There may be times when we are unable to give you the perfect experience. But rest assured that we will always do our best to purge your stress away. There is always laughter and good times in our company!"



"Let me treat your scalp like how you would treat your face. I believe that a healthy scalp helps your hair to grow well. Take care when it is not too late!



"I love styling my customers to make them look beautiful. I feel happy when they are happy too! Treating my customers well is my passion and seeing them feel more relaxed when they leave the salon just makes my day!"


General Manager

"As the GM, I hope you will not only enjoy our luxurious space, but also find a place where you can laugh out loud and share your worries with us. We treasure and respect everyone who treats us the same. We bring to you our individual sense and treatments - from plant-based products to the latest technology to improve our scalp immune system. Cleanse your scalp, improve your blood circulation and de-stress your scalp. Let your hair grow in a healthy environment, with the help of Salon Solo!"


Managing Consultant

"It is my privilege to work with this amazing and talented team of hairstyling professionals to create the best hair salon experience for our customers. Salon Solo aims to be a happy place for passionate people to hone their craft, and for discerning customers to be pampered."